. It is an unknown druid who has been locked in for undocumented casting and smuggling. In Maxillin’s eyes, this The taciturn druid is a more “safe” guy, although his temperament is a bit gloomy.
After confirming that the drunk arcanist was still talking nonsense, Maxillin went straight to the druid cell called “Bad Wendel” and knocked on the alloy fence inlaid with magical materials with a baton: ” Hi, it’s time for the ward round.” In the
small 南京龙凤论坛 cell, a middle-aged man in a gray-white prison shirt was sitting on the bunk with his back facing the cell door. Hearing the movement behind him, his arm moved without looking back. He said: “Wait, I will solve this problem soon.”
“Ha, you are really the same as living in your own home,” Maxillin laughed angrily, “I shouldn’t find you a set of mathematics. In the textbook, let’s take a look at what you have painted on the walls!” In the
small cell, almost all the walls and floors are painted with dazzling numbers and symbols, as well as some improvised poems and poems. Short sentence, it can be said to be very lively. Writing and drawing on the walls of the cell can be said to be a “preservation hobby” of many prisoners. The caretaker has always turned a blind eye to this behavior, but Maxillin is true For the first time, someone 南京龙凤网 would write the equations and long and short sentences of two walls on the wall. This is really the most special prisoner he has ever seen.
Maxillin, who had been a knight apprentice for a short time, was literate, but what Bud wrote on the wall was beyond his comprehension. He just instinctively judged that the prisoner inside might 南京炮网 have some background, but the transcendent had something to do. How many have no background?
In the cell, Bud, who was sitting on the bed, finally solved his equation. The middle-aged man with messy beard and hair stood up, put down the scratch paper and pen in his hand, and said: “Don’t worry, sir, I will wipe it myself later. out. ” ”
of course you wipe because you have to write