ation value. Then there were 600 experience left, plus the 500 experience gained by the team of solving doctors, totaling 1,100 points, just enough to go from LV10 to LV11.
Zhuang Shikai hadn’t added the attribute points gained from leveling up two days ago, but after redeeming the vehicle driving skills, he greedily added attribute points to his health.
Hehe, the health value is mainly to increase the survival 南京桑拿会所 rate and resistance to attack. Zhuang Shikai was previously strong enough, without a strong opponent, just to convince people with strength, without adding vitality.
But driving is not the same as hitting someone. What if you accidentally roll over. At this time, no matter how close your skills are, no matter how precise you shoot, whether you can survive or not depends on whether your vitality is strong enough.
Therefore, adding attribute points to vitality is the safest choice.
A generation of outstanding soldiers in the Hong Kong Island police can never roll over and die.
“Ding Dong, Ding Dong.” At this time, the doorbell rang outside the rental house, and Zhuang Shikai was sweating profusely and stood up out of breath.
“Come on.” Zhuang Shikai shouted when he walked out of the door.
Although there are always doorbells in rental 南京炮网 houses, few people actually ring them. After all, Amei always walks in directly with the key.
“Mr. Zhuang, I am Manager Ye of HSBC. We met last night.” Outside the door was a very polite and polite figure.
“Papa.” Zhuang Shikai opened the door and looked at a smiling middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes outside the door.
“Oh, what?” Holding a towel in his hand, he gently wiped the sweat on his forehead.
Manager Ye took out an envelope, bowed down, and solemnly thanked him: “Thank you Mr. Zhuang for his efforts to protect HSBC. On behalf of HSBC, I came here to express my feelings to Mr. Zhuang.”
“There is a one hundred thousand in it. Please accept Mr. Zhuang’s cashier’s check.” Zhuang
Shikai stopped moving and looked at him a littl