possible time, Gao Wen arrived at Proving Ground No. 1 outside the city, and before entering the proving ground, he had already seen the blue smoke that had not yet completely dispersed over the large laboratory, and Between the laboratory and the Baishui 南京品茶网 River, there is a strange “trace” that is only a dozen meters above the ground.
The trace was floating in the air, translucent. It seemed to have dissipated a lot over time, but until Gawain arrived, it could still be seen with the naked eye.
Before arriving at the test site, Gao Wen had actually relieved: a Ranger squad that was moving nearby and rushed to the scene in time returned a report. There were no deaths or serious injuries in this accident, only a few people were slightly injured. Becca was also safe and sound.
After arriving in the parking lot outside the laboratory, Gawain saw a big hole on the side of the white building at a glance-it can hardly be described as a “hole”, it directly tore off almost three-quarters of the wall At the same time, he took away a large area of ??the roof, as if a huge and terrifying beast had directly bitten off a large building structure.
By the time Gao Wen arrived, there was still smoke near the “cavity entrance”, and countless fragmented building ruins were scattered on the large open space outside the cave entrance, and many embarrassed technicians withdrew from the laboratory, and they were scattered on the open 南京419论坛 space. There are people on the ground, some people are receiving treatment for injuries, and some people are discussing something in full swing.
Gawain also found Rebecca-she was smoked black, her hair looked very messy, and her dress was covered with a long damaged robe, which looked as embarrassed as other technicians.
Seeing the appearance of his ancestors, this silly roe deer ran over happily for the first time, with an extremely bright smile on his dark face, and his white teeth with his open mouth: “My ancestor, you are here! Guess me. What did you do this time?”
“Don’t t