If this question makes you feel offended, you don’t need to answer it. ”
After Melita left, Gao Wen raised his head and looked at the silent black-haired maid standing beside him.
Maggie’s mood had calmed down at this time. She took a breath and said in a tone that seemed to have no fluctuations: “This is nothing offensive-everyone knows that the people of the Holy 南京桑拿论坛 Dragon Principality have always called themselves Dragonborn, but they are very Few people know that there is a reason for this claim.
“The ruler of the Holy Dragon Principality and some members of the nobles are indeed dragons-due to genetic degradation and some kind of fault that cannot be said to be committed by which ancestor, 南京水磨会所 they were killed by the Dragon Clan’s hometown. Elrond’s exiled dragon. ”
Then she smiled and shook her head, with a self-deprecating tone in her tone: “So no matter how the years change, how the countries ups and downs, these poor worms will never leave that bitter cold mountain, and will always call themselves’ The Principality’ not a kingdom or an empire.”
Gao Wen listened to the unexpected intelligence with a little astonishment, and suddenly reacted to one thing: “So you are the nobleman of the Holy Dragon Principality? Still talking about the Dragon Blood”
Maggie interrupted Gawain with some resistance: “Sorry, it’s just a marginal family that isn’t taken seriously, and that’s a thing of the past. I don’t want to have any contact with there anymore. . ”
I see,” Gawain sighed, “Anyway, let’s take a break. We will leave 南京龙凤网 in more than an hour.” “The
chariot started, the battleship pulled out, and Cecil’s war machine re-entered the journey of iron and fire after a brief repair.
On the Gorgon River, the Blazer led the Aurora and Morningstar, and several ships. The inland river warships and two light gunboats modified with cargo ships ride the wind and waves, the mana wings are covered by black cloth, the sound of the engine is concealed by the soundproof barrier, the steel bow splits the