e. Anyway, it is absolutely impossible to reach the ears of the Brazilian team.
This time it was different. At the press conference during the Olympic Games, he directly stated that he would win the gold medal.
“When Zhou Yi said this, we had not played in the semi-finals with Honduras. I don’t know if he still has such courage after learning that his opponent in the semi-finals is the Brazil team led by Neymar”. The Brazilian team is still very confident, so it is said.
And they also noticed that the theme of this press conference was Zhou Yi’s anger in some Chinese media. From the news reports of these two days, they 南京品茶网 can easily know what happened-the Chinese team is eliminating South Korea. After the team, because of the controversial remarks made by some players, it seemed to stir up a storm in China, which swept the entire Olympic team, so Zhou Yi, as the team’s captain, stood up and explained.
But from his explanation, the contradiction has not been 南京桑拿会所 alleviated, and the problem has not been resolved at all.
Zhouyi had no intention of easing the relationship with the Chinese media at all.
At first glance, these things seem to have nothing to do with Brazil, and there is no need for the Brazilian media to pay attention. If Brazil’s opponent in the semifinals is not the Chinese team, they really won’t care.
But as an opponent in the semifinals, the Brazilian media believes that this matter will definitely affect the Chinese team. And this kind of influence can hardly be called “positive”-affected by this incident, the preparation work of the Chinese team and the mentality of the players will change, and this change will affect their performance in the game.
This is definitely a good thing for Brazil. Although the Brazilian media are still full of confidence in their team, 南京水磨会所 they will not think that China has Zhouyi, Sun Pan, Yang Muge, Guo Nu and He Ying. The Olympic team is an opponent that is vulnerable to a single blow and can be defeated at will.
Now they have encountered diff