ed. In the car driving group, Jiang Hao owns one, specifically as a base for his own research and development of messy things.
These seven small buildings were not built randomly. Using the Big Dipper formation, the foundation suppressed the intermediate Taoist symbols painted by Jiang Hao himself, and could absorb spiritual power to form a seven-star formation, absorbing spiritual power 南京品茶网 and fortune.
Jiang Hao himself is a feng shui master himself. How could he not consider these when building the company? Ancient feng shui is simply architecture, divided into yin and yang. Even the company’s pond and lake are very particular about it.
Moreover, under this architectural model, the company’s environment is very good, 南京龙凤网 with a semi-garden feeling.
Jiang Hao occupies the position of the first star of the Big Dipper, and it is the closest to the supercomputing building, which is more convenient for Jiang Hao.
When he came to the laboratory, Jiang Hao took out a lightweight hollow helmet and handed it to Brother Xiao Ma, saying: “The current virtual technology is mainly aimed at vision. The VR goggles are used to create stereo vision, and the difference in human vision between the two eyes is used to generate virtual vision. Realistic immersion.”
“To be honest, this technology has been proposed decades ago, and it hasn’t been a breakthrough in nature. As for my virtual technology, it’s completely different from this concept, mainly using brain waves. Technology.”
“How effective is it?” Liu Changzhi asked.
Jiang Hao smiled, “Ask me how it 南京水磨会所 works. It’s better to experience it yourself. I temporarily created a virtual scene game, which is similar to Tencent’s chicken-eating game, but now there is no opponent. Let’s get some virtual soldiers to fight. You can experience it. The effect.”
Xiao Ma and Liu Changzhi are both eager to try.
The two lay down on a recliner, Jiang Hao put on helmets for them and turned on the machine. The two of them were just a moment, because the two of th