led all the entrances and exits of the hall, and surrounded the long conference table in the 南京桑拿会所 center of the hall. Cohen Loren, wearing a blue battle mage robe and lined with chain armor, then entered the hall and declared loudly: “The former commander of the Royal Knights, Harak Borg, has been deprived of his position as commander for indulging soldiers to escape and will be imprisoned today.
“According to the military system, I have taken over as the head of the Royal Knights.
“The Royal Knights swears allegiance to His Majesty Welsh Moen!”
His Majesty Welsh Moen? !
A pair of horrified eyes looked at the unexpected change in the situation before them. They watched the “deputy” commander of the knights, who already had the power of both extraordinary knights and wizards, strode into the hall and watched him blankly. He stepped across the body of Lord Lucret, as if finally beginning to understand what is going to happen here, and at this moment Welsh Moen has arrived in front of the seat in the deepest part of the hall, this one who had left Silver Castle for twenty years The crown prince turned around and slowly sat in his own place, his eyes swept over everyone.
Count Lucret’s blood was stained on his face, and the face that had been despised by everyone 南京龙凤论坛 for twenty years seemed frightening at this moment.
“From today, I am crowned King Anzu.”
Hearing Welsh Moen’s flat voice, whispers sounded in the hall. People looked at each other suspiciously. Some people were still doubting the authenticity of all this. But some people have subconsciously asked questions: Who will hold this coronation ceremony?
At this
moment, a nobleman near the entrance of the hall exclaimed in a low voice: “Grand Duke Franklin is here!” People craned their necks, and their eyes were fixed on Baldwin Franklin who was entering the entrance. The Duke of Regent was absent from the entire meeting, and after people saw what he was holding, an indescribable silence enveloped everyone.
Baldwin Franklin is holding the