tood at the bottom of the building with tears in his eyes…
Enough scolding.
The citizens know which side to stand on… The
public opinion also knows which side to
fight. Zhuang Shikai picked up the walkie-talkie, exhaled, and preached: 南京桑拿会所 “Tell the warning sign!”
523 Witnessing history (two in one, six thousand words climax chapter .)
“First warning! Please evacuate the crowd ahead!”
“You are already close to the front of the guard zone! Please stop and move forward!”
A police chief wearing a helmet and military uniform held up a yellow slogan.
The police “slogan” system is divided into warning, severe warning, and final warning!
Represents the first verbal warning, the second verbal warning, and the ultimate warning before the final action.
The flags are yellow, dark yellow, and crimson!
One person can lift up the slogan banner with both hands, ensuring simplicity and convenience, and every Hong Kong Islander can see the warning.
The slogan is annotated with English and Cantonese bilingual and traditional Chinese characters, which is very majestic. 南京419论坛
At this time, the ghost parade had reached its peak, and no one paid any attention to the police’s advice. On the contrary, it caused a stir.
“Tick tick tack.” In the office, Zhuang Shikai picked up the phone and dialed the number of the Governor again.
“Mr. Governor.”
“The police force has issued a warning sign!” The
call was connected.
Zhuang Shikai laughed softly.
This is the final warning before the war begins.
The Governor of Hong Kong watched the TV and picked up the microphone: “Officer Zhuang, please handle this incident properly.”
He wanted to see how Zhuang Shikai responded.
“Yes, sir!” Zhuang Shikai replied in a solemn voice, putting down the phone, a fierce light burst from the corner of his eyes.
“Second warning! Please keep quiet! Don’t hit the cordon!”
The frontline sheriff changed the slogan, held up the dark yellow banner with both hands, and shouted the words “Severe Warning”